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Macro with Nikon Coolpix L3 in 2022

I found this small little sweet camera for $0.4 and thought it have to be dead for sure. What a surprise when I inserted batteries and it turned on without any bigger problem.

I was playing in the menu for a minute to find out what it can do, and what caught my eyes was pretty good macro mode. I had to go outside and test it for a few photos. Sadly the weather wasn’t the best, mostly under clouds and windy, and the camera uses only ISO 50 or 200. I was trying to hold myself as stable as possible to get some sharp shots.

The camera autofocusing is of course slow, if you are used to modern lenses and cameras as well, and sometimes I had to pre-focus on anything that was more contrasty. The display is enough to check if the photos are sharp or not. Overall I was pretty happy, if I’m having it’s price in mind (looks like you can get one for around $15).


  • Release date: 2006
  • Resolution: 5.1 Mpix
  • 640×480 video
  • Lens: 38-116mm F3.2 – 5.6
  • 2″ LCD
  • AA batteries or EN-MH1


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